The Novak Djokovic case - do you play or not?

Will Novak Djokovic start at the Australian Open? This question is moving the world of tennis right now. The Serb keeps his vaccination status secret. Otherwise, it attracts.

Novak Djokovic is considered one of the most intelligent tennis players on the planet, but his sporting achievements are completely in the background in the current debate about him – and that’s shortly before the Australian Open even begins. Because the Serbian threatens to finish before the start of the tournament.

After the uproar over his exemption from the Australian Open, the likely unprotected tennis star is having problems entering the country. Upon arriving at Melbourne Airport, his visa was found to be invalid. According to the newspaper, “The Edge”, the Serb landed shortly before midnight in the Australian capital and tried to enter the country on a visa that does not allow medical exemptions for the unvaccinated.

Novak Djokovic: The Serbian missed the “Grand Slam” in 2021. (Source: Xinhua Photos / Imago)

The Victorian state authorities then contacted refused to support the world’s number one position. Djokovic is said to be isolated in a room in the early hours of Thursday morning (Melbourne local time) – without permission to use his smartphone. Who is the best athlete currently causing a lot of controversy outside the tennis court? The t-online site presents the man who tends to Estotherik.

Djokovic and the tendency towards esotericism

Australian Open without the title holder three times? A, as it stands now, is a completely conceivable scenario. It will be the first Grand Slam tournament without Serbs since the 2017 US Open. A possible participation or cancellation of Djokovic in the first major season of the year has been discussed for weeks, and his cancellation in the ATP Cup, which is also being held in Melbourne, has fueled any ongoing speculation.

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Even if Djokovic has not yet made a clear statement on his current vaccination status, the assumption is that he continues to refuse – despite or precisely because of his injury, which appears to be harmless in the summer of 2020.

Djokovic is also known to have a penchant for secrecy. After winning the French Open in 2016, he ended his collaboration with his former coach Boris Becker and brought ex-tennis player Pepe Emaze, who smiled as a “brood guru”, to his team. Emaze relied on the philosophy of life under the slogan “Love and Peace”. The Spaniard still runs his tennis academy under this banner.

Break up with Emaze – but the friendship remains

The central element in the teachings of Imazes was the power of embracing – if it so happened that no human being was present, then stuffed animals would. Djokovic became a supporter of his methodology, but split from Emaze after two years due to tensions within the coaching staff and endless failures. The friendship remained.

Baby Emaze: I "Tennis-guru" He was part of Novak Djokovic's squad for two years.  (Source: imago images / PanoramiC)Baby Emaze: The “tennis coach” has been part of Novak Djokovic’s team for two years. (Source: PanoramiC / imago images)

And the end of the cooperation does not mean that Djokovic is finished with secrecy. In fact, he had just started and was now self-taught. Knoll fed more and more supposed knowledge from pseudoscientific publications and also began to share blunt messages himself. In 2020, his followers preached that the power of prayer could turn “poisonous” water into healing water.

The coronavirus pandemic that broke out in the spring of 2020 did not slow down Djokovic either. Instead, he said, “I’m personally against vaccinations. I don’t want anyone to force me to take a vaccine in order to travel.”

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Kritik an Djokovics Adria Tour 2020

To protest the intermittent ATP tour, he organized the controversially debated Adria Tour with tennis matches and extravagant parties in various cities in the former Yugoslavia. One of these nights, he contracted the virus himself. If his first test was still positive, then the second smear, taken ten days later, was negative.

Just as Djokovic continues to leave the public in the dark about his potential injury, he is also dealing with his own vaccination status. Questions about whether he categorically rules out vaccination, cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons or whether he has already been vaccinated, the tennis star constantly ignoring references to his privacy.

Novak Djokovic: Tennis star as part of "jiboni"- Concert as part of the controversial Adriatic Serb tour in June 2020 (Source: imago / pix images)Novak Djokovic: Tennis star in concert for ‘Giboni’ during the controversial Adria Tour in June 2020 (Source: Pixsell / imago images)

The reason why he received a medical exemption from the Australian Open remains unclear. However, the interpretation can lead the esoteric government from the absurdity of the “Joker”. Finally there is the “pyramid of the sun” in Bosnian Visoko.

healing mountain

What is behind it? Bosnian-American businessman and pseudoarchaeologist Samir Osmanajic claims that Mount Plesivica is in fact a man-made pyramid tens of thousands of years old and exudes healing powers that strengthen the human immune system. Meditating on the mountain with hand touching the mountain – or do you believe Osmanagic: Pyramidenstein – makes you immune to Covid-19 in the long run.

All Osmanagic’s theses were flatly rejected by leading scholars, whether archaeologists or medical professionals, as nonsense – but that doesn’t stop the hobbyist, who made his fortune as a building contractor, from marketing the mountain in Visoko for tourism. One of his most loyal visitors: Novak Djokovic.

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The world number one tennis player calls the area around the mountain “heaven on earth” and travels to Visoko for an “active charge” before every important tournament. “Joker” attributed his victory at the sandy court Grand Slam Roland Garros 2021 to his previous visit to Bosnia. Even before leaving for Melbourne, he was said to have returned to Visoko on a journey of meditation. It is hard to imagine that this would suffice the authorities in the Australian state of Victoria as a reason for obtaining a medical exemption.

The person, Novak Djokovic, is a polarizer. More than just an athlete. It is not yet clear how the Djokovic case will end. There are still ten good days left until the first day of the tournament. By then, a decision must have been made – in the battle between entry and entry requirements.


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