The driver went to the bathroom and the train was delayed a minute: the investigation was opened in Japan

TOKYO – A 36-year-old mechanic A. Treno Shinkansen At a speed of 150 km per hour with 160 passengers on board, under the supervision of a person who does not have the appropriate license on the road between Atami and Mishima in Shizuoka Prefecture. All this phe is Go to the bathroomOr thus responding to nature’s call. The man was driving a so-called bullet train Japan. In total, the driver was absent for about three minutes, leaving control to his unqualified assistant.

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Regulation violated – The line the carrier, the Tokaido Shinkansen traveled, is the busiest in Japan, and was built specifically for express trains, with speeds of up to 285 km / h. According to the regulation, a driver who has health problems while driving has the task of informing the operations center, and the obligation to stop at the next stop if there is no other person on board to pass the order. The violation was detected after the operator found a 1-minute delay in the schedule, and a subsequent photo of the convoy cabin indicated the driver’s absence from the cabin.

Reconstruction – At first, the driver claimed that he was suffering from abdominal pain and did not remember what had happened, and finally admitted that he “did not want to cause the passengers to be delayed, and to stop at the next stop.” The Shinkansen trains opened in Japan in 1964, shortly before the Tokyo Olympics, with a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour and is unanimously considered among the safest modes of transportation in the world, with an average punctuality rate of around 30 per year. -40 seconds, a period of time that also takes into account unexpected natural events.

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