United States: “The role against vaccines is gradually declining”


Earlier this week (Monday, March 29), Joe Biden promised that 90% of American adults would be eligible for the vaccine by April 19, 2021. The U.S. president is aiming to win his race to get the 200 million dosage vaccine vaccine in his first 100 days. The end of a war campaign.

With an average of more than 2,800,000 drugs being dispensed, the United States continues to launch an anti-Govt vaccination campaign at the hands of Americans every day. Federal Administrations Trump then Biden “Initially mobilized military and federal organizations to coordinate distribution strategy across the country”, According to Sarah Rosenblum, who holds a PhD from the University of Michigan in Chicago. As a guest of the day, this expert on American public health explains the success of the vaccine “Americans want to resume a normal life, and the federal government guarantees free vaccinations for all.”, Recalls that the rate of vaccinations has been steadily declining since the first injection. However, there is still a role for politicians in reluctance: “47% of Donald Trump supporters refuse to be vaccinated again”, Sarah Rosenblum insists.

  • The Prime Minister of Haiti acknowledges the “strategic mistakes” in the Village de Du

At a news conference on March 31, Joseph Jude, the head of the Haitian government, admitted that there had been “strategic mistakes” during the March 12 anti-gang operation, which took place in the slums of the village of Deau in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince. Four policemen were killed, their bodies have not yet been recovered, and heavy weapons have been seized by members of the gang. Surprising expressions accordingly Friends Dowell, Chief Editor Novelist.

  • The Biden Infrastructure Project attracts American newspapers
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On Wednesday, March 29, 2021, the President of the United States unveiled a $ 2 trillion investment plan to renovate and develop infrastructure in the United States. The New York Times is very impressed with this project. “Joe Biden goes like a rocket”, Writes the diary. A few weeks ago, the president presented a $ 1.9 trillion broad aid package. There, he presents a $ 2,000 billion investment plan. “He’s the president who sees the big picture”, The New York Times estimates that most Americans cannot even imagine what such an amount would mean.


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