It's time to end the match for Montois who were beaten in Provence rugby (26-13)

Mons admitted Thursday evening…

And Montoa admitted, on Thursday evening, a second loss (26-13) during the last three days of the regular stage. It is not without interest for the Landes staff, we will return to it, but the main lesson of the evening is still about the upcoming semi-finals. Four teams that can still stand on the road to Montois: we now know it will be Nevers or Carcassonne. Because this last day did not change anything in the rankings, winning Nevers (fourth), Carcassonne (fifth) and Colomiere (sixth), rendering the improved success of the Provencal (7th) useless.

Things are clear, and in fact, it is time for this bastard period to end. It’s hard to stay in the present once you get to qualify for the final stages, and with that lead at the top of the rankings. The Ordinary Stage was now complete for everyone, and being able to plan ahead wouldn’t really hurt the Mons dwellers.

Lisana is interesting

It is difficult to draw definitive conclusions from such a match, between a team playing for qualification, and another where the stakes were more or less individual, between the desire to show itself in the eyes of the staff and the fear of getting hurt at the worst of times … d as far as the team lines up on Thursday, which has been heavily reworked (11 changes compared to the success against Grenoble), will have little to do with which team will start in the final stages. The fact that the Provençals are chasing the offensive bonus also tarnished the situation, as they systematically rejected points on foot in favor of attempts.

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So there is a huge risk to write in the blank. But since we have to stick to it… let’s give credit to this team, made up of many players who lack playing time, with enhanced combat and a fairly cohesive defense, despite the four attempts that were conceded.

One on a carried ball, the main topic of the day, two more on penalties near the line, and the first of the evening on a space that center Marrou found in zone 10, with Brethous skipping. The problem is that as in recent weeks, Montoa has been very undisciplined, which has left them under constant pressure in their camp.

And they still misplaced several offensive touches, whether from Labouyrie or Dimcheff. However, the latter was distinguished by scoring an astonishing attempt in three quarters, from the 60-meter sprint (14-13.56)! Like the Argentine, there are many who wanted to score points in the finals.

to rule? No one has ever walked on water, but we can cite the fighting spirit of the Durand/Voss pair, the prized qualities of Lesina in the ground game, and Bento’s clean copy, which may allow De Nardi to reclaim his place on the wing, where he has had more brilliance this season.


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