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Pity and Anger: Those in charge in the 3rd League are emotionally experiencing the fall of Turku. © Imego / mm

Türkgücü Munich breaks the season. Thus affecting many other clubs. The 3rd league is busy – somewhat in the DFB as well.

Munich – Turkgücü Munich can no longer. Bankruptcy led to the sudden destruction of the club. With no money to pursue them, the team withdraws from current sporting activities. An unsurpassed novelty in German professional football.

The fact that there is no damage only in Türkgücü Munich is confusing in Section 3. The schedule is confusing, 1. FC Sarbrooken also wants to sue. While some clubs are suddenly worse off than before, others are benefiting. The mood of the 3rd League seems to be the same everywhere: Türkgücü’s dismissal is a slander to those responsible for the Third League. Many see the collective responsibility of the German Football Association.

Türkgücü defeat provokes anger in Division 3: Howells criticizes DFB – 1860 Munich expresses compassion

Even the local competitors showed no joy. The TSV 1860 Munich Huge benefits from Türkgücü-Aus, Coach Michael Colner expressed sympathy“Basically in football no one wants such results,” he told a news conference on Thursday, “I’m sorry for the people who work at this club – and for all those who sympathize with him. It’s a hard blow to experience the club’s direct result. .

“It drives me crazy,” says Matthias Limbaugh, manager DSV Havels “In the picture” is clearly angry. After all, he targets the DFB: “How can this happen in such a rigorous licensing process? I can not explain it.” Limbaugh sees the bankruptcy of one club as an injustice that affects everyone else: “It’s a real blow to all clubs that work hard. Thus, the game is stopped. There is unfortunately a lot of unfairness in the 3rd league. It’s not surprising to like one or the other.

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The Holeshe FC And it has clearly established itself: “complete disaster”, the club’s headline on its homepage. It’s a selection of words from coach Andre Meyer: “There’s a flaw in the system, the licensing process is bankrupt and Türkgücü’s withdrawal in the middle of the season.

“Sportsman Like and Unfair”: Charbroken accuses Section 3 of licensing procedures and bankruptcy rules

The TSV Eintracht Braunschweig Is relatively quiet. Sports director Peter Wollmann said in a club statement: “The last few weeks have indicated that Türkgücü Munich will not be finishing up the season. That fact must be taken into account. “The cancellation of the games will turn the tables upside down, and as teams move closer, the promotion betting on the season’s home run will be even more exciting.”

Describes it as “playful and unfair.” 1. FC Charbroken The whole environment around Türkgücü-Aus. The Charlanders lost six points and fell from third to fourth. “We will use all legal options to prevent this playful and unfair practice of deducting points. The so-called bankruptcy rules now in force are unacceptable and need to be changed. Under the supervision of the DFB, clubs cannot be punished for their own misconduct for mismanagement.” Said.SID“With.

Andreas Reddick, Managing Director Victoria Cologne, Had already repeatedly expressed very critical of Türkgücü-Causa. “It is a scandal that promotions and dismissals are affected by dubious business practices,” he added.

Türkgücü bankruptcy: Clubs scold DFB – VfL Osnabrück recommends salary cap

The VfL Osnabrueck Also brings the salary cap on the “New Osnabrücker Zeitung”. “Salary expenses may be linked to guaranteed club income. Then something like this would not have happened,” said Michael Welick, managing director.

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He feels he has been let down since the season finale 1 FC KaiserSlattern, Who would have welcomed Türkgücü Munich on the last match day. “One last game in front of your own fans has always been great. It would have definitely been fantastic,” says Thomas Henken of Rheinpfalz newspaper.

“It’s the ruin of the competition,” Christian Tritz said of the film. Coach of 1. FC Magdeburg He has not yet been challenged with his team at the top of the table, but is noticeably upset: “It should be made clear before the season that the club will only receive a license if they can prove that they are financially secure.”

Türkgücü complicity in disaster: DFB denies responsibility

And DFB? He expressed regret in a press release issued on Thursday. Manuel Hartmann, manager of the third division, said in an interview on the association’s website that “the goal should be for the division to be unique in the 3rd division. In such a case, there is no optimal solution,” he said.

He saw no fault in the association. Prior to the season, Türkgücü said staff costs were around three million euros, a “realistic figure”. However, in the end, the club came up with five million: “This difference of two million euros is the cash flow gap that has now become the club’s default.”

The DFB questions itself and approaches the review in a self-critical manner. But Hartmann expects: “The accreditation process reaches its limits because clubs naturally contract with players and coaches themselves. We can only verify compliance with planned values, and may include them in future ratings and licensing misconduct.” (Mo) *tz.de An offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.


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