North Korea Kim's sister warns Seoul: “The situation is very dangerous”

South Korea expects a “new response” from North Korea after the decision to resume broadcasting over loudspeakers near the border and launch propaganda leaflets against Pyongyang. This was said by the sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong, speaking about a “very dangerous situation.” This was reported by Yonhap News Agency. South Korea has resumed North Korea's loudspeaker propaganda broadcasts after six years in response to Pyongyang's repeated shipments of garbage balloons.

“If South Korea drops leaflets and simulcasts on loudspeakers provocatively across the border, it will undoubtedly see a new reaction from North Korea,” Kim said. He added that North Korea sent about 7.5 tons of “waste paper” in 1,400 balloons across the border over the weekend, claiming that it was just garbage that did not contain anything related to political propaganda, unlike the anti-Pyongyang leaflets sent by North Korean defectors to the South. Korea.

“It is completely different from the nonsense of provocative political incitement that North Korean scum is spreading against South Korea,” Kim said, stressing that the North had planned to stop sending the balloons, but “the situation has changed” with the South resuming sending the balloons. “I strongly warn Seoul to immediately stop the dangerous act of provoking further confrontational and disciplinary crises,” he said in a cross-border loudspeaker broadcast.

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