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Dugin, Relationships with Salvini and the Blessing of Meloni

Oleksandr Dugin, theorist of Putinism, also has connections and acquaintances in Italy, first of all with the Matteo Salvini League, but in one of the interviews in recent months he highly appreciated Georgia Meloni: “I have a feeling, her way “. On the Northern League front, it was Gianluca Savoyni who introduced Dugin, who speaks fluent Italian, to the leader of Caruccio. A relationship is established between the two, so much so that it was Dugin who gave an interview to Salvini in 2016, on the occasion of a visit to Moscow, at the Tsargrad Studios, the Russian Ministry of Defense television.

Two years later, in 2018, the father of the Fourth Political Theory (overcoming fascism, communism, and liberalism in the name of sovereign populism) blessed the nascent yellow-green government: over populism, and even the Five Stars. Along with them, the people also triumphed, in this new struggle against the elites to find their own identity.”

However, the ‘great sympathy’ for the Northern League leader slowly subsided. The downfall of the yellow-green executive is defined as a “missed opportunity” and Salvini ends up in plain sight: “His transformation in the Atlanticist and liberal sense is unfortunate, because he has lost the dimension of true populism,” Dugin comments, disappointed by “the influence of the American liberal right on the Northern League.

Finally, the new Rasputin says he appreciates Meloni for his criticism of anti-Covid measures and for staying away from the “failed policies of the globalist and liberal dragists”. Even the prophecy: “If he strictly follows the ideals and values ​​he proclaims, it will be, in my opinion, very important. When Italy – with Meloni or anyone else – becomes a sovereign country, only then will things begin to fall apart.”

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