Party wear, fun and sexy: Dem Sana Marin’s new life

The heavy blow of the Finnish elections, bidding farewell to the position of leader of the Sdp party is now upon us and divorce from her husband Markus. Divisive on rock music and her somewhat non-conformist lifestyle, Sana Marin He’s had tough moments, but everything seems to be behind him now. As her social profile attests, the 37-year-old’s new life consists of parties and fun and sensual clothes: farewell to the elegant suits of the time as prime minister and space for provocative outfits.

The provocative look that Sana Marin Al wore Flow Festival, the famous music festival that takes place every year in Helsinki. The youngest world leader in history, a well-known party animal, has posted several photos of her holidays on social networks, enjoying her days away from politics. It’s the first real summer vacation in a while.joked some time ago.

First, a bold sheer black dress, then a hot pink Barbie-style dress with a pair of black shoes, and finally a crop top, a leather mini skirt and black heels. with her Nasima Razmyar, a member of the Finnish Parliament, who opted for a simple outfit of a T-shirt and baggy pants. Among the social contributions, Sanna Marin also posted a video among the crowd of young people present at the Flow Festival. “On these holidays I was with my daughter Emma, ​​then sports, friends, good food and unforgettable trips”her words.

Many followers celebrated Sana Marin’s new life. “Thank you for showing the world that it is possible to sit in the president’s chair and wear whatever clothes you want at the same time.”Influential commentary by Cecily Johansen. Other top followers: “I am sure we would have already achieved world peace if most of the world leaders were like Sanna Marin”. Others emphasized instead the good example set for young people. But there are also those who have criticized the former Finnish prime minister: for many, his nonconformist lifestyle does not align with the importance of his political persona. In short, Marin continues to divide public opinion even after saying goodbye to her prestigious position.

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Sana Marin has often been at the center of public discussions for her Concerts And for adults expenses from his government. According to some commentators, his party routine would have put a strain on his work, especially after some private videos were released in 2022 regarding an organized party at the prime minister’s residence.


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