NFL: Leaders win a crazy game

The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills ended Sunday night’s 42-36 extra time win over Patrick Mahomes and his team at Arrowhead Stadium.

The final moments of the fourth quarter of this conference semifinal were not as spectacular as 25 points were scored in the final two minutes of regulation time.

When quarterback found Josh Allen Gabriel Davis in the pay zone, the bills first gave themselves a three-point preference. Five plays later, Dyrek Hill took a 64-yard major and put the lead back in front.

Allen and Davis then did it again, with just 13 seconds left in the final quarter. The pair banged for the fourth time and scored a goal in the game.

However, the Mahomes did not want his season to end. The center spotted the tight end Travis Kells in the Pills area. With two seconds left on the scoreboard, Harrison Butker scored a 49-yard field goal and sent everyone into extra time.

The Chiefs won the toss and did not miss the chance to end the feud. Mahomes returned to Kells, the latter catching the ball behind the goal line for the win. Allen and Pills have no chance of coming back to the field with the offense.

The winners’ quarterback finished his clash with 370 yards and two touchdowns with 32 finishes in 43 attempts. He also hit the middle finger with his feet.

For his part, Allen finished with 27 off 379 yards for 329 yards and four touchdowns. The 25-year-old quarterback piled up 68 yards, making the most of his legs at crucial moments in the game.

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In the final of the American League, the leaders have a meeting with Cincinnati’s Bengal. The latter defeated the Tennessee Titans on Saturday.


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