Mercedes-AMG dévoile le nouveau SL

If Mercedes intends to clean up the offer of its coupes and inventions, there is no question about ending an iconic lineup that will soon celebrate its 70th year. The story begins a new chapter, starting with the brand from plain paper to shape this new generation.

Everything changes to the point where we talk about brand rebirth. Also, it is no longer Mercedes, but Mercedes-AMG. So this vehicle was designed by the sports division of the star, and more sporty … which translates to a capital change in the formula: drop the retractable hardtop.

2 + 2

The SL returns to the smooth top, which is a small canvas that folds into the Z behind the passenger compartment in about fifteen seconds. No cover. The goal is to gain weight. In this area, SL increased by 21 kg. This also has the advantage of being comfortable to paint the back! The SL has the usual proportions of a roadster, with a long hood, rear passenger compartment, short overhangs and so benefits from a thin stern.

The front row has a grille that echoes the ancestor of the 1952 300 SL race car. On each side, we have sharp optics that tap into the wings like a CLS. At the back, there are large triangular lights.

Mercedes-AMG releases new SL

In the passenger compartment, surprise: there are two more seats. SL again became 2 + 2. However, Mercedes states that rear seats should be reserved for those up to 1.50 meters! Clearly, children. The vehicle is not a station wagon. Priority to the driver and his passengers who have a dashboard in front of them that mixes tradition and modernity.

Mercedes-AMG releases new SL
Mercedes-AMG releases new SL

V8s then hybrids

Tradition is the presence of turbine-style aerators, which form bumps on the top. Modernity is the central console created by a large 11.9-inch touchscreen. To avoid annoying light reflections when the hood is open, the tilt of this screen will vary with current. For the same reason, here is the 3D cap on the digital tool. The seats are attached to the airscarf standard, with hot air distributed to the back of the neck. The trunk has a city car capacity of 213 liters. With the hood closed, we have 240 liters.

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Mercedes-AMG releases new SL

This SL is based on the structure of completely new alloy aluminum, very hard. This model will start its life with two petrol variants using the 4.0 liter V8 Black. The 55 version produces 476 hp and the 63 version has 585 hp. Gearbox 9-speed automatic. For the first time in SL’s history, these are all wheel drive models. Another first: the possibility of having a rear steering wheel.

The range will then be completed by a hybrid version. Prices for this model are not yet known, which could be the end of AMG GT’s career!


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