Natalie and Mordi, in Istanbul at the weekend, arrested after taking a selfie:

The two photographed themselves in front of the former presidential palace. Minister in Tel Aviv: He denies. A new reason for the conflict between the two countries that turned from semi-allies to opponents after Erdogan’s rise and his support for Hamas

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Jerusalem – Selfie with Virgo in the background. The Turkish coffee cup is a symbol of crossing the middle of the Bosphorus. Pictures with the close-up lens of Camlica Hill, below 369 meters from the TV antenna, one of the symbols of Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s rising aspirations.

Natalie and Mordi Oknin, Bus drivers for work, Israeli tourists For a long weekend in Istanbul, me too accused of political and military espionage. a The waiter saw them pointing their cell phones at one of the President’s buildings, or rather the palace, which is the largest in all of the country, and the first palace built in the European style in the time of Sultan Abdul Majid. The contemporary sultan is more suspicious, even his loyalists are more than him. Dolmabahçe is no longer an official residence since 1923, it has become a museum, and can be visited by paying a ticket, the waiter who denounced the couple did not stop and did not persuade the judge to let them go because he had recently ordered not to photograph the building. The detention was extended for another twenty daysThe judges claimed that the two points also documented checkpoints around the building and military installations and then transferred the photos “to third parties.”

From Modi’in, a mobile suburb between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, relatives assured them that the footage was of them – and they, too, are on Facebook – should send enthusiasm home for the trip after a two-year siege due to the pandemic. They are now considered evidence against. Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid intervened to clarify this As for Oknin, “she does not work for any Israeli agency,” the case has become a diplomatic one. Another element in the clash between The two countries that turned from semi-allies to opponents in the Levant after Erdogan’s rise And its support for the fundamentalists of Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

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