Boca, the last to join after the elimination of River: this is how the semi-finals of the Spanish League Cup will be played
Boca celebrates winning the penalty shootout and qualifying for the La Liga Cup semi-finals (Reuters / Marcelo Endelli)

With Boca winning on penalties over River in the Super Clasico match that was held in La Bombonera, Quarter-finals from League Cup. In this way, The semi-final table has been formed While waiting for the days and times, places have already been determined.

The novelty is that the domestic championship is now You will be moving inland. While the The San Juan del Bicentenario stadium has been determined as the venue for the two semi-final matches, Great Final From the competition will be held in The unique Mother of Cities stadium in the province of Santiago del Estero.

Between Saturday and Sunday, the four keys of the quarter-finals were held: Estudiantes de la Plata crosses 0-0 Independiente, Colon de Santa Fe 1-1 Talires de Córdoba, Velez 0-0 Racing and Boca 1-1 River. El Rojo (4-1), Sabalero (5-3), Academia (4-2) and Zenez (4-2) on penalties.

It is worth noting that The semi-final crosses will be at the neutral San Juan del Picentenario stadium, As determined by the Professional League, with a domestic draw, as well as the final (the only parent stadium for cities in the province of Santiago del Estero).

in both cases, If equalization continues in regulation time, an additional 30 minutes time is played (Two times out of 15) If the tie continues, there will be penalty shots To determine the hero.

The semi-finals will be played between Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 May as follows:

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Colon vs. Autonomous

Racing vs Boca

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