Julio César Urías vive una temporada de ensueño con los Dodgers al alcanzar su triunfo 11

Photo: Courtesy Dodgers

101 throws by Julio Cesar Urillas in his victory over the Marlins, Culiacan’s highest number so far this season.

The first half of the season was a dream for the Mexican bowler Julius Caesar Orias, who has done seven innings of work, described nine chocolates and won his eleventh win in a season Big leagues, distance Dodgers Defeated Marlins from Miami.

Urías’ job wasn’t easy, that California’s ninth team came from losing the first three of the series against Team Miami. but one of Culiacan Bring out the dynasty and drive Dodgers To achieve a very important victory, and with this his team left its mark in 54 wins with 34 losses, one of giantsWestern leaders in National League.

Julio began to hesitate, as the only house he ran Jazz Chisholm Who was the first hitter to encounter, put Dodgers.

Julio did not succumb to the pressure of the enemy battery, he was not allowed to run again throughout the match, in addition, only five shots managed to hit him.

As has become the norm in Colici’s recent matches, he also contributed to the wood, leaving the game with unstoppable connection in four rackets, leaving his hitting average at 0.29.

The Dodgers’ victory came in the fifth inning, when they got a five-stroke rally from the starting bowlers. Marlins, Sandy Alcantara, Who endured the disaster.

Absence of all stars

Despite the fact that Julio Urías is the most successful bowler in the first half of the regular season, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, who will also coach NL for the All-Star Game, did not invite him to play in the game. Together the best of the first half of the year.

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Julio Uroas’ work on the mountain

Entries worked: 7.0
Versions: 101
hits: 69
Balls: 32
Strike: 9
Number of ball bases: 2
Average: 3.64
2021 wins: 11
Strikes in 2021: 119

MLB Victory in 2021
name quantity
Julius Urea 11
Kyle Hendrix 10
Aaron Seval 10
Clayton Kershaw 9
Lance Lane 9

101 throws by Julio Cesar Urillas in his victory over the Marlins, Culiacan’s highest number so far this season.



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