In the UK it created real awe and resentment.”slipcommitted by Sir Patrick VallanceHe is the chief scientific advisor to the British government and chair of the task force set up by London to develop national strategies to combat COVID-19. And the star’s next statement set off the protests, which was issued on Monday during a press conference headed by the Prime Minister Boris Johnsonremotely connected:60% of people currently detained in the UK for COVID are fully vaccinated“.

This advertisement quickly spread around the web and the world, spreading surprise and complaints in the public opinion, until then convinced that full immunization avoided the risk of contracting seriously Covid and ending up in the hospital; But, Vallance said, even completing a course of immunization could have prevented acute disease. Johnson’s scientific advisor, after he issued the dissenting statement, also justified it by talking about it “Not surprisingly“Noting that 60% of people who ended up in hospital despite being vaccinated. The figure in question, according to the British scientist, was not surprising precisely because of the fact that”Vaccines are not 100% effective.“.

In the face of the confusion caused by the Valence advertisement, which seemed to refute the data that the admission of vaccinated people to the hospital occurred only in certain cases, that is, among the elderly and among people with immunodeficiency, the same star was finally seen forced to make some explanations to the public. On Monday evening, the scientist actually posted a correction on his Twitter page, talking about “wrong statistic“:”I am correcting a statistic I presented at today’s press conference, July 19th. About 60% of Covid hospital admissions are not from people who have been vaccinated twice, rather 60% of Covid hospitalizations are currently from unvaccinated people“As a result, most Britons who end up in hospital are people who have not been vaccinated or have only received the first dose. Despite Valance’s attempt to correct his falsity, the controversy in the kingdom has not subsided, with citizens still not understanding how the scientific advisor in question could issue Such a dramatically false statement at the press conference and corrected with such a delay.

The UK is in the midst of a delta-induced Covid wave, with nearly 50,000 cases per day and with more coronavirus patients in most of the country’s hospitals now than at any time since mid-March. However, the difference compared to what was the case at that time, is precisely in the vaccination coverage, thanks to which many hospitalizations are avoided and many lives are saved.

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