Coffee Break “Texts, Vaccines and Pnrr”.  Rizzo Nails von der Leyen after refiling – Il Tempo
Gabriel Imperial

Marco Rizzo criticizes Ursula von der Leyen. Guest of the coffee break on La 7, the coordinator of the Sovereign Popular Democracy party makes scathing statements against the President of the European Commission who announced his re-nomination. “I would like to know if someone, a journalist, would ask you about those text messages that the European Union classified with Albert Bourla, who was CEO of Pfizer – he attacks the honorary president of the Communist Party who then explains – spending on the vaccine amounted to 71 billion Euros, the largest expenditure ever made by the European Union.

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In the studio, host Andrea Pancani and guests wait for Rizzo to say more: “There are text messages containing secret contracts that the Transparency Commissioner announced in 2022 cannot be seen,” explains the politician from Turin. Then he adds: “Few people know this, and it is better to repeat it. In 2022, a foundation was created in Padua on these dynamics related to new medicines, and by chance Pnrr gave this company more than 300 million euros – he explains – and it turns out that you know who was in “The board of directors of this foundation? Von der Leyen's husband.”

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Rizzo is a flood river and is about to defeat the Queen – in this case. “Wow, there are secret messages with Pfizer that we cannot read, there are 300 million – he remembers – and not the suitcases that these two took in the European Parliament (referring to MEPs Pier Antonio Panzeri and Luca Visentini).” Rizzo concludes his attack: “300 million euros arrived by chance – he says sarcastically – and then von der Leyen’s husband resigned, er, for good information. But in the meantime the wheat has arrived.”

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