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She made it official on her Instagram account. “Very happy to announce my next movie, EmmanuelWith Lea Seydoux. Director Audrey Dewan said: “He co-wrote the script with Rebecca Zlotowski. Nearly fifty years after the first Just Jaeckin film, Emmanuel will come back to life under the guise of Léa Seydoux. Audrey Dewan, director of ‘The Event’, will be Lion d’Or in Venice last September, at the helm of this new adaptation of Emmanuelle Arsan’s novel, published in 1967. She will co-sign a script with Rebecca Zlotowski, director of “Belle Épine”, “Grand Central” or “Une Fille Facile”.

The first “Emmanuelle” was released in 1974. Worn by then 22-year-old Dutch actress and model Sylvia Kristel, it is the story of a 19-year-old woman who leaves for Bangkok, Thailand, and learns about sexual pleasures through double the adventures with men and women. scandal. It was a huge hit in theaters, racking up 8.9 million hits. The feature film will remain for thirteen years on the Champs-Elysées and will lead to the appearance of four series and a series … Two years ago, the arrival of the saga “Emmanuelle” on Netflix sparked a lot of talk.

No release date yet

After “The Event” by Annie Ernaux, it is then another adaptation that Audrey Dewan is working on. At the age of 42, someone who was a novelist and journalist before directing “But You’re Crazy” in 2019, a drama with Pio Marmay and Celine Salette, and then “The Event”, will undoubtedly be keen to give a contemporary look to this epic whose first part was released a few months ago. From legalizing abortion under the headscarf law.

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It is not known when the next “Emmanuelle” movie will be released in theaters. Meanwhile, his translator, Léa Seydoux, 36, will be present at the Cannes Film Festival this week with two films: David Cronenberg’s sci-fi thriller “Crimes of the Future” and the romantic drama “un Beau Matin”. , by Mia Hansen Love.


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