Fortnite: Server Status for the new Chapter 3 of Season 2

This weekend Fortnite isn’t satisfying those who get up early, as the big maintenance that will start the next season of the game kicks off at 8am. A somewhat unusual schedule for Epic Games’ Battle Royale, which was only announced the night before, and without any trailer. This morning, the local community was able to discover the theme for the upcoming season: “The Resistance.” However, the game will only be available after the maintenance period.

Service completed

Some data miners state that it will not be necessary to wait for a return from servers before 2 p.m. This Sunday, March 20. This is just a hypothesis, but it can be explained by the fact that in the files, certain functions of the game are published only at 2 pm.

Why are servers not responding?

As stated in the official account Fortnite Status This Saturday evening, the game is under maintenance from 8am on Sunday, March 20th. After this unavailability period, which may last several hours, Fortnite will reopen its doors.

Note, however, that you must install the patch on your device before starting the game. This maneuver may take some time, depending on the quality of your Internet connection, and whether the maintenance period has expired.

Impossible connections even after maintenance?

Although Fortnite’s servers are powerful, they often don’t support the few hours after new seasons roll out. why ? Quite simply because hundreds of thousands of players are simultaneously trying to access the game as soon as it becomes available. Connection queues are crowded, and the game crashes often. It often takes a little patience to launch it at the start of the day!

Welcome to the resistance! The new season of Fortnite is illustrated with a traditional opening trailer, which depicts the island’s heroes against the forces of IO.

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