He is the new dangerous villain of the Netflix series

Hawkins is back soon for Stranger Things Season 4, waiting for a new villain in the new episodes.

With “Stranger Things” Netflix was able to get a huge hit in 2016. After two more seasons and a three-year wait, fans can expect new episodes of the mystery series soon. Over the past few months, thanks to a few teasers, viewers have been able to find out what fans can expect in Season 4 of Stranger Things set in California and Russia, with the exception of the small town of Hawkins.

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There is something new and dangerous now in the new trailer The villain of Vegna The characters are the ones to face. Matt and Rose DufferThe creators of Stranger Things shared the line of the trailer, “It’s time for your suffering to end” in an interview. IGN Compared to Hellriser movies. Vegna was inspired by two brothers, Freddie Krüger (“Nightmare”) and Pennywise (“IT”), except Pinheit from “Hellraiser”. The trailer gives the first look of the villain:

Fans can expect practical special effects

Some spectators will be glad that Vegna was staged mostly with practical effects. Barry Gower, who worked on “Game of Thrones”, was responsible for the design:

“This is something we have wanted to do since season 1. It’s a monster that can do mostly with practical effects. What you see here is 90% practical effects. And Vegna has 90% practical effects throughout the season. Unlike season 3, we wanted the cast to be responsive to beach ball. .We really wanted something that could be filmed, which I think makes this villain more scary and more realistic and more convincing, and we look forward to seeing people this season. “

As Comicbook.com As explained, Vegna, like Demogorgan and Mindflare, also comes from the role-playing game of Dungeons & Dragons, which will be played throughout the children’s series and will be relevant in the new season. Vegna, who first appeared in 1990, is a lychee, or immortal, and one of the most popular villains in roll-flaming games. Fans may be excited to see more of Underworld in Season 4 than previous seasons. New episodes of “Stranger Things” begin 27. May 2022 On Netflix.

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“Stranger Things” inspires with many references to the 80s. Did you recognize her

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