Filming something no one has seen before, the drones are speechless

Something amazing was filmed by a drone. They notice something in the water that renders them speechless.

Drones are shooting something surprising –

Drones It allows you to discover picturesque landscapes, buildings, and much more. In fact, today they are used in many activities.

Some of them may be, for example, cinematography, photography or video services of various kinds. Drone technology, thanks to its really small size, allows you to reach places that are difficult to cross.

The story we will see today involves a group of friends who are passionate about drones and stunning landscapes.

This drone visualizes something never seen before

A group of friends living in Kazakhstan have a common hobby. When they managed to take a few moments to spend time together, as in the case of Saturday, they decided to get together. On a warm spring Saturday, the friends are free from work, so they decide to leave.

They came up with the idea of ​​spending a day at the lake. We are talking about Karakol Lake, which is about an hour’s drive from where they are. Finding themselves at someone’s house, they take their drones and leave. Once there they decide to stop by the marina for a sandwich. They also empty out some beers, like in the old days, and between chatting and chatting, time ticks by.

Flamingos –

after that They assembled the equipment to launch their drones. What they absolutely did not expect is about to happen. Karakol Lake is full of little animated characters. The friends approach the drone, until they notice that it is a hundred pink flamingos. At this time of year, flamingos move from place to place, as do many other species, to warmer climates.

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They definitely chose Karakol Lake as it is a good food base. In fact, its waters are home to many fish and shellfish. They usually stay there for two weeks before returning to other countries. You can distinguish flamingos as a crane or heron, in fact they have long narrow legs and giant wings.

This scene is really touching

The group of friends are really fascinated by the sight they see, and they can’t believe their eyes. Flamingos move in a manner similar to a synchronized dance.

Have you ever wondered why flamingos are pink? In fact, flamingos are white when they are born. They get pink as they grow and according to what they eat. In fact, their diet consists of foods rich in beta-carotene, which allows the color of the plumage to vary towards an increasingly saturated color. The pink color of flamingos varies from delicate pink to scarlet.

It is important to classify their food, as they do not eat all the time Fish. They eat it only in moments of extreme hunger. Their favorite foods are crustaceans, mollusks, and plankton.

Flamingo –

Flamingos love shallow waters because of their feeding habits. In fact, this species usually stays in salty waters, where it has the opportunity to get more food. However, salt is corrosive to the skin and legs of flamingos. In this state, they go to move, as now, in fresh water. This step is necessary for them before resuming their journey, in order to remove the salt and quench their thirst.

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Flamingos walk in shallow water, at first separated and then reunited at one point. after that They move almost as they dance and right after that they finally take off.


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