No one has been infected after testing the concert with 5,000 participants in Barcelona

The Concert – The concert audience was required to undergo an antigen test before the concert and wear an Ffp2 mask for the duration of the concert. Additionally, a ventilation system that ensures correct air exchange has been used in the building that hosted the Palau Sant Jordi concert. People were not obligated to respect physical distancing.

Test results – In the next 14 days, 6 positive cases were diagnosed among the 4,592 people who attended the concert and then agreed to analyze the diagnostic data, all mild or asymptomatic. Of these, at least 4 it was possible to prove that the injury occasion was not the concert; Moreover, it has been found that it does not cause further infection.

Directors explained, “The data makes it possible to rule out that the concert in Palau Sant Jordi was a Covid super-broadcast event.” The data analysis was performed by doctors from the Foundation for the Fight against AIDS and Infectious Diseases and the General Hospital of the German University Trias I Pujol and approved by the Epidemiological Surveillance Service of Catalonia.

The group, participating in the Love of Lesbian experiment, thanked the event’s organizers and scientific advisors. “We hope from now on, after these excellent results, that the cultural world will be heard as it deserves,” he wrote on Twitter.

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