Here's Conte's latest trick:

The photo will be enough to restore the memory Giuseppe Conte, Who today claims to have never practiced a policy of “closed ports”: it’s the photo he pictured with the then Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, carrying the post with the hashtag #decretosalvini and the phrase “security and immigration”. This was an apotheosis to share the immigration policy of the Northern League. On this occasion, the Prime Minister showed a smile on the best occasions, and showed his determination even at the press conference to defend the ruling.

After all, the text was approved in the Cabinet on September 24, 2018 before his eyes, it is not that he was actually doing anything else while the approval came in at the seat of government. The seal comes from the official statement: that the Cdm met “It is 11.41 pm in Palazzo Chigi, under the presidency of President Giuseppe ConteOnly he, the people’s defender, is with the entire ministerial team.

Conti and Aquarius case

In June, just a few months ago, Conte also shared his ally’s approach to the Aquarius cause. In short, it was not a hit from nowhere, as the Democratic Party had criticized him fiercely. “I have clearly requested the Maltese Prime Minister Muscat to at least take responsibility for humanitarian assistance to people in difficulty in the Aquarius, but it has been confirmed that Malta, and therefore Europe, is unwilling to intervene and assume responsibility for the emergency.A muscle test to show how his government is committed, in a rocky way, to defending the relentless line on immigrants, Conte then argued. Closed ports are, in fact, bypassing technology.

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Regarding the Sea Watch issue, after forcing Commander Carlola Racchetti, the former prime minister used sharp words:Sea Watch was a political blackmail of whipping 40 peopleAnd again: in July 2018 Conte claimed on Facebook as a result of the distribution of other migrants stranded at sea for days amidst an uproar of opposition:France and Malta receive 50 of the 450 migrants, respectively, on board the two sea vessels. Other European countries will soon joinWith these assumptions, the passage of the security decree was nearly straightforward, which is more of a natural consequence.

Trust the security decree bis

The facts remind us of another fact: The security decree was repeating the last measure of Parliament before the crisis that led to the downfall of the first Conte government. In August 2019, the government placed its confidence in the text to allow for approval. An important gesture indicating the level of participation. Moreover, even on that occasion, at Cdm on June 11, 2019, the Prime Minister was present while the executive said yes to the rules Salvini wants to further tighten the screws on immigration. It is the Palazzo Chigi record that talks about his attendance at the meeting, it is not an abstract thesis for the critics.

Of course today, as a skilled jurist, Conte is trying today to put the record straight, laying out technical sophistication, arguing that the ports were not closed and that Salvini was just propaganda. So the ports were very open and open, and it is not true at all that they were closed. But we understood very well at that time, and now we understand the meaning of the formula adopted by the leader of the Northern League. It was not the level of opening the ports that could not be shielded because we are not at war, but rather an expression of strictness against the landings. The count participated in him fully at that time, to the point where he signed decrees in the councils of ministers that he presided over.

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