Spain: The first police charges in front of the headquarters of the Socialist Workers Party – breaking news

The ongoing demonstration at the national headquarters of the Socialist Workers’ Party in Madrid is growing in demand: around 8,000 people are now protesting against the agreement reached this morning in Brussels between the Socialists and the Catalan independents of Junts in favor of amnesty. This is the largest demonstration since the protests began on this street in the capital last Friday. Also present was Santiago Abascal, leader of the far-right Vox party: “We must stay in the streets – he said – until the coup stops.

I am here to support our citizens and tell them that they are not alone. We are facing the darkest period in history.

It is our duty to resist the government and the tyrant who is about to take office with all the enemies of Spain.”

But after more than two hours had passed without incident, some officers launched charges in response to the throwing of objects, firecrackers and torches by the more extreme wing on the front line of the demonstration near the national headquarters of the Socialist Workers’ Party. This time, the police presence was massive: behind the officers carrying helmets, shields and batons, several police trucks drove up. At this moment, the demonstrators began to retreat and split into small groups. At the moment only one person has been arrested.

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