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Athena – When Victor Mitsotakis and his followers arrived at the palace of President Katerina Sakellaropoulou yesterday at noon to receive a mandate to form the government, the changing of the guard had just begun. Happening every hour: Two soldiers in old uniforms, kippies and clogs, switch places. It’s just a party: no one really breaks it down. In less traditional attire—a midnight blue suit tailored away from the grayness of ancient politics—the future head of Greece’s government also paid a ceremonial visit. Two hours later he reissued the mandate: “Listen to the other political forces,” he wrote, I thought it was impossible to form a government. I call on the parties to expedite the invitations.”

Compliments: Alexis Tsipras, leader of the left-wing Syriza party, receives the mandate today He came out defeated in this election (Expect 31% of polls, it’s just over 20%). However, he does not have the numbers or allies to form the government; The PASOK socialists, third parties, have excluded alliances They will be consulted after Tsipras. They will give up. On June 1, 300 deputies were sworn into parliament; Then Parliament itself is dissolved. After 25 days he will vote again.

A political step contested by the opposition. “An absolutist government must be avoided,” Tsipras said yesterday, while acknowledging the strike (which for many analysts marked the end of his career). Radical economist Yanis Varoufakis, He talks about the “Realist Disobedience Front”, which left the vote below the threshold “organized”: the reference to the Hungarian leader and his “full powers”, similar to the “broad mandate” Mitsotakis says he wants.

But everything in the name of growth is forgiven. After twelve consecutive rating progressThe country can regain the desired “investment grade”. The Athens Stock Exchange celebrated yesterday, and Greek bonds are now less riskyhiosis of BTPs.

Among the first to congratulate was the President of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber: “A great victory for my friend Mitsotakis. Its economic recovery is real.” The two party colleagues (in Brussels, Nia Democracy among the Popular Party) are close allies. On the side of the Bavarian there is a “magic circle” of Greek chancellors who have recently risen to important positions in the EPP: above all Thanassis Pakoulas, former chancellor of Mitsotakis and now general secretary. And in Brussels there are those who speak Munich – Athens – Madrid axis (In Spain we vote in December): Among the institutional reasons, there will be one Right Union in the European Parliament, in which the European People’s Party will be the first force, and the conservatives (in whose ranks sit, for example, the Brotherhood of Italy) can become the third in the next European elections, shifting the political balance of the Union more to the right. The leadership within the European Parliament is currently working to bring together the European Social Democratic People’s Party. She rejoices, saying, “But it is good to see her again.” out of order Democratically responsible. It is time for European institutions to better reflect the makeup of the electorate. Europe is turning to the right..

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