The most terrifying bridge in the world, 1.5 kilometers high: for the truly brave

For some, it will be scary, for others it will be pure adrenaline. Here is the most terrifying bridge in the world, as it is 1.5 kilometers high.

The scariest bridge in the world –

There are works of man in the world that cause tremendous fear among some for various reasons. Among these is definitely the position. Some of these attractions may be closed to those who do not like heights or even irrationally fear for their safety. For others, visiting them is an incredibly exciting experience.

This is the scariest bridge in the world

In fact, when it comes to heights, many of us are very sensitive. However, others cannot resist the idea of ​​admiring some regions of the world from unique and priceless perspectives. If you belong to this category, today we will tell you which place is really right for you.

You must have seen some pictures of him on the web. The most terrifying bridge in the world is located in China. Bridge or walkway, whatever you want, its real nickname is Dragon Spiral. To refer to construction with hairpin bends, such as dragon coils.

It is located at a long distance Tianmen Mountain. Which in turn is one of the main attractions within Tianmen Mountain National Park in Zhangjiajie. To reach the top there is also a cable car, one of the longest cable cars in the world (its length is 7455 meters with an elevation difference of 1279).

It is located on top of the mountain Tianmenshan Temple. In fact the original temple was destroyed in the first half of the 20th century. It was then rebuilt inspired by the Tang Dynasty in 1949.

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Dragon Spiral

This walkway is long 100 meters e 1.6 wide. What makes it so terrifying is that it overlooks a 300-metre-high cliff directly. However, despite the fear, it attracts crowds of tourists every year and is arguably one of its most visited attractions.

To begin crossing it you will find yourself at an altitude of 1400 metres. It also boasts another record, in 2007 it was climbed alan robert, As the memorial plaque on the summit indicates.

Dragon Spiral
Dragon Spiral –

Of course, this is not the only exciting attraction we find in China. Zhangjiajie also has a glass pedestrian bridge built as a tourist attraction. It was officially opened in 2016, It is 430 meters long and 6 meters wide. This is also located 300 meters above the ground and connects two valleys within the National Forest Park. It can accommodate up to 800 people at a time. It is considered the longest suspension bridge in the world, and was designed by architect Haim Dotan.


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