“Summer House of the Stars”
Need to know the first couple

Nico Cresert and Michael de Roose

© instagram.com/thats.mi / TVNOW

By 2021, many famous couples are expected to visit the “Summer House of the Stars” on RDL. Who will be there this year?

Preparations for the new season of “Das Somerhas der Stars” on RDL may be in the last legs. Because, as “Built” at least announced, it should be filmed from next week. Accordingly, this year the famous couple will have to go back to a farm in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Who should be there

“Built” names the first couples that should already be there. Accordingly, among others, “bachelor” Nico Crisert, 30, and Michael de Roos have teamed up, he recently revealed on Instagram. Apparently, drag queen Katie Palm, 28, and husband Francis, who got married in April, are set to compete against the pair.

In addition, according to the report, actress Michael Monbolizn (born 1979) and her husband Mike Cheese and “Boer Set Fra” couple Antonia Hemmer, 21, and Patrick Romer, 25, are planned for the design. The station does not like speculations about participants or the start of filming for the upcoming season. Last year, Andreas and Caro Robbins won the title of “The Celebrity Couple 2020” and were able to win a prize of 50,000 50,000.


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