Justice, I ask young people, “Would you rather have coffee or become a lawyer?”

Provocation? No, this is the reality that hundreds of young lawyers live with every dayBetween the difficult and expected desire to reach the profession of their dreams, and the clash with the reality of incomplete training, the practicality of the profession and the reward for the almost completely absent majority.

The law course is a ‘formal’ five-year course, but an ‘informal’ course lasts on average 7-8 years.. A long period of sacrifices. Some might say that it is important to have solid foundations to build your life first and then the career of your dreams. Not when you study over 30 theory tests and not even one of them comes close to practice.

Once the title is obtained, the game of “Russian Roulette” begins.. If, on the one hand, it is difficult to find a law firm that seriously trains a practitioner, on the other hand, it takes a long period of work and training, without remuneration, although it is precisely our constitutional charter that enshrines in the art. 36 rights for every worker. However, no one escapes the epidemic of exploitation, and for the majority of these young people, daily work is worth little more than coffee.

So why don’t we try to solve these problems, at least in part, by trying to reform law schoolEnvisioning the transfer of training to the university, through the creation of practical laboratories, made from real practice, starting from the fourth academic year in continuous cooperation with affiliated law firms in the most diverse areas of the legal subject with a final examination. Then the young graduate can decide to register in a specific register related to the branch of specialization in the legal activity he has undertaken. In this way we avoid “multiple” and we will have young, specialized professionals who are no longer suitable only for making copies.

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