Navigating in Montpellier: Michael Delavos answers your questions on Mondays at 12:30pm.

The day after the publication of our profile dedicated to Montpellier traffic, the Mayor and President of the city will live on and our Facebook page “Midi Libre Montpellier”.

In our edition of this Sunday, December 12, dedicated to travel to Montpellier, Michael Delafoss, the city’s mayor and president, said he “carries” his options. That is, its desire to develop alternatives to the car, to encourage motorists to change their habits and thus reduce traffic, and thus pollution, in the city. A policy he says is “proactive”, and even if it has consequences for traffic, it is always more complex.

Since the subject is sensitive, Mr. Delafosse has agreed to answer questions from readers and netizens at Midi Libre, on Monday 13th December at 12:30pm. It was initially slated to be its Vice President for Mobility, Julie Frisch, who made an appointment with you but a personal handicap that prompted the mayor to take his place.

You can send your questions to him by writing to us via email at [email protected]. The interview will be followed on our Facebook page.Midi Montpellier Freeor on

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