Les militants de la CGT se sont rassemblés devant le supermarché en soutien à leur camarade convoqué pour un entretien disciplinaire.

“We are not happy at all!” This Tuesday morning, in front of the Leclerc Center in Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf (Seine-Maritime), The cans spin to the sound of a CGT playlist. At the entrance, the activists distribute their flyers to customers. Patrick, one of them, didn’t know that the social climate was so tense in the supermarket: “I didn’t know, no. But it’s possible, in all companies now that’s it.” Patrick himself has worked in a supermarket in the past, and thinks he was more fortunate: “At the time, the manager was a worker like me. He knew what work was like. It’s not the case for everyone. There are some who arrived with certificates and were done!”

According to CGT, as many as 80 people gathered in front of the Leclerc Centre, in support of Sébastien Fiévet, a store employee and elected to CSE membership. During his disciplinary interview, which could amount to dismissal, management blamed him for the shortcomings in his work. As I accused him harassing a colleague. Sebastian Vivit refutes these accusations: “I made it clear to A+B that I’m not the bad guy. When you’re stalked, don’t go and have a drink with your victim in the cafeteria, especially if you push the victim.” According to this elected CGT, the management wants to get rid of him. France Bleu called her, conjuring a ‘Inappropriate behaviour’ from the employee. His fate will be determined in the coming days.

In the newsletter distributed to customers, it was written that “Leclerc’s management has a deep hatred for the Giants federation”. Rachel Fock traveled dozens of kilometers to testify. I worked for 25 years at Leclerc de Menneval, near Bernay. Until last year, she was more than “model employees” bone Since she was a CGT representative, relations with her management have deteriorated : “For a year, I’ve been a pet harasser. I’ve had several summons to the management office for unproven facts.”

According to CGT, ten employees were fired in less than two months

On the other hand, No employee of the Leclerc of Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf . attended during the demonstration. However, many of them support their colleague, according to Loïc Roldan, from the Commerce and Services branch of the CGT de la Seine-Maritime: “We distributed a flyer last Friday to all the employees who overwhelmingly supported us saying ‘It’s too complicated because we are so afraid of this boss but we’re behind you, don’t leave anything, we need you!'” According to Loïc Roldan, ten employees have been laid off in less than two months at this Leclerc centre.

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CGT in the post gives another figure: 40% forced departure (burnout, dismissals, traditional terminations) since the arrival of the new CEO at Saint-Pierre-lès-Elbeuf. And not all of these departures are replaced, which adds to the workload of the rest of the staff. The supermarket is one of the largest in the region, with more than 300 employees.

contacted, Distributor E.Leclerc rejected any interview proposal. in 2018, France Blue Normandy It had already echoed a harmful social atmosphere in the store. CGT elected at that time is now on sick leave.


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