France's legislative elections, head-to-head between Mélenchon and conservatives: Macron's majority uncertain.  It is a record abstaining from voting

The game is still open for Emmanuel Macron How to get an absolute majority ofNational Assembly go up. in the atmosphere of Standard abstention (more than 50%) And the complete disappointment of the political forces, the united left Jean-Luc Melenchon He succeeded in the first project: make possible The shoulder of the coalition that supports the president. according to director In fact, in the first round of the legislative elections, it was a head-to-head confrontation between the leftist coalition Newbies (26.8%) and opponents Squad! (25%). However, the slight advantage will not hold in the second round of next Sunday: according to forecasts issued by the French media, the vast majority are advancing with a gap between 270 and 310 seatswhile Mélenchon and his followers will have to content themselves with 170-220 seats. But, both sides reiterated, nothing has been decided and a vote will only take place next Sunday to determine the final winners. Legislative elections in France are determined by a double-majority system with single-member electoral districts: whoever exceeds an absolute majority of votes is immediately elected. (50% +1) and who received 12.5 percent From the consents of the rights holders. So, between now and Sunday, June 19, anything can still happen.

For Macron, who was reconfirmed a month ago as president of the republic, it is necessary to have a majority in his favour. Even if it is now impossible to point to him 341 seats in the last stateHope to vote. But it is no coincidence that a few minutes after the polls closed the head of state announced that he was asking his followers. “humility”: Taking victory for granted, in a climate of such strong hesitation, is the first step to losing everything. Meanwhile, shortly before, Melenchon ran instead to decree the president’s defeat: he declared the “New People’s Union in the lead.” The presidential party at the end of the first round was defeated and defeated. For the first time in the Fifth Republic, a new elected president fails to gain a majority in legislative elections. And he resumed:I urge people to go out next Sunday“.

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Certainly one of the signs that cannot be ignored is abstention: especially for Melenchon, it was necessary to be able to persuade young voters to go and vote as much as possible, but according to the final figures, the expected mobilization not c ‘was. It is estimated that the number of French people who did not go to the polls today is fluctuating Between 52.1% and 52.8%. Turnout stops at 5 pm at 39.42%down 1.33 points from 2017.

An important signal also came from the reconfirmed or not reconfirmed nominations. He passed the first round, but the Prime Minister will go to the ballot paper Elizabeth Burne: led to significant progress in the sixth district of Calvados He will face the candidate of Ghosh (Nubian) in the second round. Qualified in the 11th arrondissement of Pas-de-Calais as well Marine Le Pen. I invite all voters to confirm their vote. He said that the second round gives us the opportunity to send many representatives to the House. And speaking of those challenges where Nupes candidates will be on the ballot against macros, he explicitly said not to vote for either one or the other. Le Pen now hopes to be able to form a parliamentary group in the National Assembly. According to estimates, the National Assembly It will get between 15 and 30 seats. Hard hit instead Eric Zemmoura former far-right journalist and founder of the movement re: Eliminated from the first round in Var, in the province of Saint-Tropez in southern France. Indeed, in the last presidential election, Zemmour got a result far below expectations. Finally, as expected, the heir to the new right-wing Gollism party loses its role as the first opposition group. Republicanswhich ranged between 11.6% and 14% seem to confirm the heavy defeat of its presidential candidate, Valerie Beckers.

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Among the excluded celebrities is the former Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquerthat was it “Umbrella” In Loiret’s 4th arrondissement and where he couldn’t even get to the ballot. A very clear message to Macron: the second mandate promises to be more complex than the first and above all because the left opposition has managed to regroup around a leader. Left Mélenchon, for the first time since the years of unification (Socialists – Greens – Communists – La France Insoumise), they now aspire to high goals and the minimum goal will be to make life difficult for the Macronites. Starting with next Sunday’s result, hopefully you can get more people to the polls.


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