Downhill Kidsbuhel - Strife - Alexander Amot Gilde wins over Johan Clary and Blaze Keysenter

Hit us again. Despite being 41 years old, Johan Clary gave a new exploit on the descent of Kidsbuhal this Friday. We even thought he was going to deliver the most deserving first win of his career, leading the way before the Houseburg jump (6th in -0 ”02). Dignard’s defeat in the 42nd century was in vain by Alexander Amot Gilde, who won for the first time on the strip. But it’s still a fantastic 2nd place, 3rd place downhill after his 4th stage on the Austrian track, 2017 (3rd) and 2021 (2nd). To everyone’s surprise, a second Frenchman was invited on stage: Blaise Kiesentern.


Claire: “I’ll finally see ‘2’, it’s wonderful”

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La Strife never smiled at Gilde. Until this Friday. Here in Super-G a single-stage author, down only twice in the top 10 (6th in 2016, 9th in 2020), the Norwegian finally controlled the most primitive path in the circuit. Under the dense white sky, Pipe No. 11 had a full race from start to finish. He crushed the match in the middle, especially Matthias Meyer, who then pushed the lead (finally 4th) to 1 ”24 in the 4th inning. We realized that it would be difficult or impossible to beat his time if he gave up one-sixth to one-tenth to the Austrian below.

Undeniably the overall leader, Marco Odermat, cut Steelhong like no other, advancing 23 percent more than Gildeau. But with his relatively light scale against Pure Descent, the Swiss did not fit into the following flat, eventually finishing 4th out of 78th. Basically, only Johan Clary was able to snatch Guild’s 6th win in the winter, 3rd downhill and 12th win in his career.

Ninth stage for Claire

The tricolor, who was in contact at the exit of Steelhong (+0 ”21), Feb 17, once again captured the gallery in the median flat. Returning to 16th place in the 4th and 5th breaks, he also allowed the luxury of glowing green under the arch of the House Bergkande for two small cents. All hopes were then allowed, and Gilde realized that the bottom line was not fast. But Claire, by slightly cementing and slightly altering the entrance to the flyover this year, was unable to pick up the pace needed to complete the feat. But the extent of its delay (in the 42nd century) can undoubtedly reduce the grief we feel after such a race.

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15 hours ago


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