Caratini deja a los Cachorros en el terreno con Hr de tres

Victor Caratini hit a three-stroke throw with two 10th inning wins to help the Milwaukee Brewers beat the Chicago Cubs 5-2 on Monday night.

Homer Karatini came after a busy ninth inning in which Seiya Suzuki put the Cubs up front with Homer inside the park and Christian Yelich tied him up for a base-filled outing with two limbs on the board.

After hitting each of his four previous bats, Karattini tangled with a 2-1 sinker from Scott Evros (1-4) and put him behind the center field fence.

This was Karattini’s second home career career to win a game, as he joined the game he played on June 17, 2021, with the San Diego Padres against Prince Garrett of the Cincinnati Reds.

Milwaukee’s Brad Boksberger (3-1) managed to escape a rule-packed situation at the top of 10th by hitting Wilson Contreras and Ian Happe, who was leading 3-1.

As for the Brewers, Puerto Rican Karatene scored 5-1 with three RBIs and one round. Dominican Pedro Severino 3-1 with one spawn; Willie Adams 4-0 with a half-record. Mexican Luis Orías 5-2 inning record.

For the Cubs, Puerto Rican Nelson Velasquez 2-1 with RBI and a running record. Venezuelan Rafael Ortega 2-1; Wilson Contreras 5-0. Dominican Christopher Morell 2-0. Mexican Alfonso Rivas 1-0. Brazilian Yan Gomez 4-0.

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