LoL: Tyler1 proves recovery is still a concern, with the immortal Kayn!

The state of League of Legends now is pretty… weird. next Huge Descriptive Changes in Patch 12.10 And later tweaks In later patches, many heroes have been refined or made weaker based on stats changes. The nerf Care was a comprehensive revolution For the heroes who have benefited the most from this characteristic and should allow other character types to shine…in theory.

Tyler 1 the popular League of Legends streaming device, He showed in one of his streams that healing is still a big problem In Riot Games’ MOBA by the indomitable Kayn he met in one of his games.

Treatments still need tweaking

The video in question is a compilation of excerpts from the part posted by the user “Barb0ssaEUW” on reddit. As we can see from the first moment, Kayn and Yuumi are literally invincible. Even as he chases after the entire enemy team, Woods Able to get away in good shape and even kill a few birds of prey. And it doesn’t matter if you buy the items with anti-healing or try to get primary damage, His healing potential is so great that no matter how much damage you inflict on him, he doesn’t die.

Although it is true that a file Part of this aberration is thanks to Yumi . The most hated pussy in video games is still effective though nerves And these actions fully prove it. Riot will probably need to revamp its entire Cat kit once and for all, and as with the Aurelion Sol, performance Redesign Character Therefore, unlike a star god, it is not broken even if it is Nerves fall off. It sounds silly but in fact it can be more than just an effective alternative To stop the antics of this much-humiliated cat inside Summoner’s Rift.

The cat who hides the forest?

Although Nerf Yumei seems like a good option, it’s not certain that it solves the problem. Recent changes made by Riot Games have reduced the effectiveness of the treatment by 10-30% (depending on the champions). At the same time, the rate of bleeding (serious wounds) increased from 40-60% to 15-40%, corresponding to 33-38%, compared to the old values. Note however that although it seems counter-intuitive based only on the numbers, the healing spells are becoming less powerful than before. Only the number of heroes has also been reduced, leaving more time for magicians to heal their allies. So the problem is not completely resolved, because although the remedies in the abs are less powerful than some of the previous patches, they are still very interesting. Adjustments still appear to be necessary to achieve a healthy balance.

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This can be seen in soloQ with the resurgence in popularity of Soraka, who is establishing herself as a great alternative to Yuumi. So of course, you’re still more vulnerable than cats, but if you have to invest a significant portion of team resources to kill the opposing wizard, at pain of not being able to kill a squishy hero even with multiple people, that’s not necessarily good for the overall balance. This has always been the paradox of League of Legends recovery, either being relatively useless in some definitions or being too powerful and always forcing players to play around or risk losing team battles due to the Wizard restoring too many HP to an ally.

Time is valuable. or LPs. By following the various posts on social networks, it is possible to calculate the average time it takes a good player (with a win rate above 50%) to climb a league (from gold to platinum for example) in League of Legends. Spoiler: It’s long.


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