Quordle Today: Save your attempts and check out Hints and Answers for Quordle #162, Jul 5
Built from the word puzzle game Wordle, Quordle 162 is here with another collection of word puzzles for brainstorming. Are you ready to take the Quordle Challenge today and enjoy some brainstorming sessions? If yes, then get ready to check out some Quordle tips and clues today that might help you guess the correct words for Quordle 162.

If you failed to guess the answers or wanted to jump right into the words of the day, you can also take a look at the answers below because we won’t let you lose your lines.

How to play Quordle

If you are going to play Quordle for the first time or need some suggestions to play the game with best tactics, here are some rules for playing Quordle.

  • You need to visit QuordleThe official website to play the game for free! There, you have to guess 4 five letter words within 9 attempts or less.
  • Once you guess a five letter word, the color of the squares will indicate whether your guessed word is true or false.
  • Here, green squares indicate the correct position of the letter in the word, while yellow indicates the correct letter but in the wrong place. Gray boxes indicate that the letter is not in the word.

Today’s Quordle 162, July 7: Hints and Guides

  • Quordle words for the day begin with the letters L, T, H, and N respectively.
  • Today’s Quordle 162 ends with R, R, D, and L, respectively.
  • All four words contain two vowels.
  • Word #1 refers to physical labor.
  • The word #2 refers to a reduction in thickness towards the end.
  • Word #3 means binaural sound perception.
  • Word #4 designates the belly button or the center point of the place.
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Today Quordle 162, July 7: Answers

Word #1:
the work

Word #2:

Word #3:
he heard

word number 4:

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