Facebook Couples offers voice chats and allows you to find love in other areas

dating platform Facebook Couples new added mission of between it Chats Audio with people you’ve “matched” with, plus the ability to To determine From Locations In addition to physical location subordinate user name, to search for people in other areas Regions NS cities.

The three new functions that have been incorporated into Facebook Couples (Dating on Facebook) strives to give users new ways to Meets the the love, as announced on Twitter by Facebook’s Europe, Middle East and Africa spokesperson Alexandru Voica.

first of them, Chats From My voiceHey audio dates, makes it possible for users who match with Facebook Couples else a distance: after across the conversation From My voice. At the beginning of the call, a invitation, and this only starts if the file Receiver accepts.

The second of the novelties is Match Anywhere, a Function that seeks to help people who they are working And therefore remote control This gives them the possibility to create two additional websites in addition to theirs place From Homepage To search for new “matches” in other cities.

Likewise, Facebook Couples has also included a profile New feature known as lucky picks, through which users can Choose a Persons who – which They don’t fit with the Preferences that they have created in their profiles.

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She also shared the new dating platform data From use It is guaranteed in the last year use virtual dating It grew by more than 50%, while Sent messages It has also grown by 55% per day. the the time more common to send Messages It’s Sunday at 7:00 p.m., according to Facebook.


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