Deru slimy leaves oomph!  After 33 years.

Over 30 years ago, they formed the band Noun. Now one of them comes out. Dero Goi will not be part of the future gravity! be more.

“After September 30, 2021, Deru will no longer be part of the Oomph squad!” , the group began its statement on Facebook. With these words, the musicians announce the exit of their striker, Diro Gui. “The three of us regret that, despite our best efforts, we haven’t managed to keep the band in this constellation.”

The rock band was founded in 1989 by Stefan Musiol, better known as Deru Gruy, Thomas Dubner, better known as Crabbe, and Renee Bachmann, better known as Flux. The three musicians became famous in the 1990s, and celebrated their biggest hits in the early 2000s. In 2004, with the song “Open your eyes!” hit number one.

Flux, Crap and Dero formed the band in 1989. (Source: R. Müller/imago Pictures)

Now the front man will leave the group. “We have jointly agreed that Flux and Crap will continue to lead Oomph! We wish each other all the best for the future!” The statement continues.

“Dero’s new life doesn’t fit Oomph at all!”

The split after nearly 35 years came as no surprise to many fans. “I was already wondering when you would announce it. Dero’s new life doesn’t fit Oomph at all!” For example, a user comments below the post. Another says, “I wish Crap and Flux all the best! And I hope Dero comes back to reality.”

Dero Goi has caused quite a stir in the past few months. For example, he said in an interview that it was through his belief in God that he found what life as a rock star could not give him. He also described some of the band’s lyrics as “weird”. Why exactly is Oomph! Separate after more than 30 years is unknown.

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