The announcement was made by several UN officials in New York. Upset the authorities: a gigantic ribbon breeding Famous painting Kournica, Adorned the entrance to the Security Council since 1984, will be acquired by the Rockefeller family. The UN Secretary-General moved by losing the six-meter-long tape. According to Antonio Guterres, he and his team did everything they could to keep it, to no avail.

Painting Kournica, Pablo Picasso condemned the 1937 bombings by Nazi Germany and fascist Italy. Initially, Nelson Rockefeller wanted to get the original painting, but the painter refused. In 1955, he finally ordered a ribbon made from work. It will now return to the Rockefeller Foundation, not knowing if it will Sold or on display.

Since 1984, this tape must have been aware of many negotiations. She was too Censored by Americans : On February 5, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. A press conference should be held in front of this tape, but this symbol is not terrible for the United StatesAnnounce going to war before a job that symbolizes the brutality of war. Reproduction Kournica So a blue veil was officially closed so that the TV channels would have a blank background.

After the donation of the widow of the millionaire, the UN. When world leaders or diplomats entered the room, they could not miss this depiction of the devastation of war. It reminded them of their duty to seek peace above all else..

UN Tasks will not be returned

Now that the seat is vacant, the new U.S. ambassador to the UN has indicated that the United States will not ask for the tape to be returned to Rockefeller’s heirs. Following that, the United Nations Arts Council must decide Replacing any work tape.

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A few years ago, Mexico and South Africa were able to express one of their works: a painting for Mexico, a statue of Mandela for South Africa. Because the UN leader found a place for both These works of art are strategic. Besides, France can try to keep one. For its part, the United Nations will have the opportunity to find another symbol. Which would be interesting to see.

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