“She’s standing up and urinating.”
Lena Jerke was teased

Lena Kerk Wherever it is it is hot. That’s why she only wears a pink mini dress when she looks over the shoulder at the camera in front of the palm trees and cactus. But the pose was not so positive. A colleague notices it too.

The weather report says it will rain throughout the week in Ibiza. With a temperature of 25 to 27 degrees, it is at least still happily warm. Very hot Lena Kerke threw herself in a pink mini dress on the island of Balearic.

The 33-year-old writes of a series of snapshots of “the dress I can not wear in Berlin” that he put on the dress with the tagline “Ibiza, Spain”. Jerke stands in front of a wall bed, among other things, planted with palm trees and cactus.

The first film in particular attracts attention. Taken from the side to the back, it shows the almost exposed back of Kerkev. The model puts her head above the shoulder and looks very attentive on camera. Jerke, on the other hand, crossed his arms in front of him.

Swipe from Thor Sholerman

“Wow” or “You’re awesome” is how many users appreciate posts. But presenter Thor Scholarman could not help but make fun of the 2006 winner of “Germany’s Next Best Model”.

“Lena Gerke (sic!) Piece Standing … Wtf! “He left a comment in the commentary. Jerk may have forgiven him for actually mispronouncing her name.

Of course, Sholerman is not entirely wrong. It really seems a little like Jerke is freeing himself from the situation. But let’s not talk about it, but let’s quickly deal with it with another follower’s harmless comment: “I like pants.” But really now.

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