FICM 2021: Cazafantasmas mexicanos sorprenden a Jason Reitman, director de "Ghostbusters"

Morelia: Sarah and David arrived by bus from Tolucawith the idea of ​​meeting Jason Reitman, boss Ghostbusters: Legacy, after reading that he will be in this city to view the film.

They arrive in their ghostly suits in their suitcases, as well as their proton generators, which belong to a gaming brand that are exact replicas of those seen in the movie saga, without knowing exactly how to find them.

It is already marked and if it draws attention because since this afternoon there have been many people asking for “skulls”, dressed in women’s clothes, emaciated workers or demons, they decided to take a photo of the remembrance next to the flower arrangement with the ghost emblem trying to escape from his cell where there is also Banner with the title of the movie.

Suddenly someone approached them, and if they stood aside, he would do his best to take a picture next to Jason.

They couldn’t believe it. It has happened. Because the person who told them it was from Sony, the distributor who traveled to Reitman to this city to close on Monday Morelia International Film Festival He was attending a night photo session.

“We literally got everything in the bag,” said Sari, moments after both of them dreamed of being fans of this epic.

“It was a big sum (the investment) at that time it cost two or three thousand pesos (artifacts), but they stopped making it and now it’s 14,000 pesos,” her boyfriend adds.

They also managed to give Jason a group of fans of the Toluca franchise, formed by the same young people and who, as they understand, will go to the film’s general office, where the various logos made by people are placed.

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When Jason arrived, the first thing he saw was a flower arrangement with the Mexican version of the Ghostbusters logo, in which the ghost’s skeleton is seen, surrounded by a circle of marigolds.

Then he stood up for a solo photo and that was when he jokingly shouted “Who are you going to call?” Then he was surprised to see three ghost hunters praying and he didn’t know they were fans.


After taking pictures with them and even playing with their ghostly controllers, he stood in front of them and took out his cell phone and took pictures of them.

It was a night for David, Sarahi and Adrian, a third person who brought the ghost container with him.

On Monday, Jason will be at the premiere of Ghostbusters: the Legacy, which will conclude the 19th Morelia International Film Festival.

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