Melissa Thioureao and Jamel Debbouze: Their 12-year-old son, Leon, already has a bright future

Leon and Leila are the pride of their parents, Melissa Theoreao and Jamel Debbouze. While the younger is still very little to know what to do with her life, the older one has a clear idea of ​​what he wants to do next. And it already has a bright future!

One of TV’s biggest stars would have been Melissa Theoria. In May 2006, TF1 offered him to become Joker Claire Chazall at 8 PM in TF1. a decent position , That the host has chosen to reject it yet.I felt I had no shoulders for the position, I was afraid to be disappointedShe explained at the time. Fired from the station’s first channel, which, unable to appreciate that she rejected the proposal, found herself on the M6 ​​on top of Restricted area. But since 2012 the beautiful brunette has chosen to retire from television sets. Now she is running behind the scenes. At the head of his own production company, 416 Prod, prefers to devote herself to documentaries on topics close to her heart and program In the table! Broadcast on C8. But if she runs away from the cameras, she should devote herself more to the family that she formed with her husband, Jamel Debbouze, since May 7, 2008.

Lyon studies sports in Paris Saint-Germain

The year 2008 marked a big turning point in the life of Melissa Theoreao, in addition to her marriage to comedian Jamal Debbouze, she gave birth to their first child, Leon, born on the 3rd of December. Three years later they welcomed a little girl named Laila who was born on September 28, 2011. Proud beings of the journalist and producer. Especially the largest, Who already has a bright future. “This one is in mathematical studies. At 12 years old, he plays for Paris Saint-Germain and loudly dreams of a career. She often drives him to camp From Training housingReports Release at A picture dedicated to the mother of the family. But the latter does not want her son to have many delusions. That is why it did not fail to lower it to the ground: “Her enthusiasm has rained down, just to prevent any disappointment, By making it clear to him that there were many invited and a few chosen.Leon’s dream? Become a cool gamer like Kylian Mbappé, his model.

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