For the first time in years, Simone Thomalla is celebrating her upcoming Christmas party as a single. Not so bad for the actress, who tells in an interview how she is looking forward to a possible new love.

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In mid-September 2021, Simon Tomala and Silvio Heinfetter publicly announced their separation. After twelve years together, the actress and professional handball player ended their relationship. Thomalla is spending his Christmas party this year as a bachelorette. The 56-year-old is already considering a possible new partnership. She is sure of one thing.

Thomala is by no means alone during the holidays, because “she has so many wonderful people around me. My family, my friends,” she says in an interview with Bild. There were no major changes in her life after the split from Heinevetter. “In a partnership, I wasn’t often at home because of filming, and my men had very busy lives because of their jobs. But she also explains, ‘I don’t need anyone to be by my side seven days a week.'”

I still need time to breathe deeply.

She is “basically in good spirits” and will find new love, but she says, “I just need time to take a deep breath. I’m open to new love, but I’m not afraid of it once I haven’t met.” Because, says Thomalla, “she has time until I’m on a new adventure with a guy.”

Thomalla and Heinevetter 2018: The two have been in a relationship for twelve years. (Source: IMAGO / Eventpress)

Apparently, she had already thought about what the adventure should look like: “In any case, I know what I want – and what I don’t want,” said the Leipzig native. “I want to be a queen. A man should see me as a whole and appreciate me and my femininity, but also respect the independent side of me.” She has never depended on anyone “but is completely independent and self-determining”. Thomalla reveals: “Actually, I’m a woman who could easily live alone — but then I’d rather share her life. I think that’s a pretty luxurious situation.”

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Your next partner doesn’t have to be an athlete. Thomala explains, “There doesn’t have to be a training plan in my life. I think that’s enough now. I’ve washed kilograms of gym equipment for my men. By the way, that’s enough now.” The actress was in a relationship with former football player and later employee Rudi Souar from 2000 to 2009, who passed away in February 2019. This was followed by her twelve-year relationship with professional handball player Heinfetter.


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