It's the fifth time in three and a half years -
From David Frattini

The Knesset is dissolved. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett leaves after a year: in his place is anti-Netanyahu ally Yar Lapid, the current foreign minister. But opinion polls indicate a high probability of another impasse

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Jerusalem – Israelis will vote again on November 1 for the fifth time in three and a half years. Manifestations of stability represented by the government led by Natalie Bennett It lasted just over twelve months. multicolored alliance Eight parties, from the religious right to the radical left of Meretz through the Arab Islamists – I couldn’t resist Internal (rebellious) and external pressures (Attempts made by Benjamin Netanyahu and his own personality to dismantle the alliance).

Why was there an acceleration in the crisis? The government was already suffering from splits from a deputy linked to Bennett and from the other wing of an elected Arab representative with Meretz. The Prime Minister realized that he was unable to pass the law by the end of the month (Renewed every five years, usually a semi-automatic business also supported by the business) Expanding Israeli jurisdiction to include Jewish settlements in the West Bank. In fact, it would have meant legal chaos for the settlers, unacceptable Bennett who established his party (even though he lives in Ra’anana in central Israel) to specifically represent the interests of the settlers. apparently acceptable to Netanyahu (Despite the ideology that Likud preaches) that He ordered not to vote on the law to embarrass the government. Bennett and Yair Lapid’s ally They preferred to dictate times rather than suffer: they announced that they wanted to dissolve the Knesset in advance and only on June 29 were they able to pass the clause on the colonies at this point with the support of the rebels within Yamina, Bennett’s party. .

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Why did Yair Lapid become interim prime minister? It was part of the understanding between Bennett and the Yesh Atid leader, there is the future. Lapid was the coalition architect and politician who ultimately sought and ultimately achieved the defeat of Netanyahu after twelve years in power.. Bennett left (although he had fewer MPs) on the first lap in the prime minister’s chair, he should have replaced him mid-term in 2023. In the event of a crisis – they agreed – he would have become prime minister until elections and the birth of a new government in the end. This is because his centrist party can gain more – left and right – from the leader’s position in the official residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem: for example Lapid will welcome Joe Biden when the US president arrives in Israel in mid-July. As Netanyahu (who remained interim prime minister until May last year), the role has helped him in frequent election campaigns.

What do polls expect? Likud on the rise is not enough now: The danger remains from another predicament. It is possible that Lapid or Labor will collect the votes of the disaffected from Meretz, who are unlikely to forgive the party for giving him this gift to Netanyahu. At the moment, the equilibrium in the number of MPs does not change: Once again, anti-Netanyahu (with a few other ideological affiliations) and formations that supported the former prime minister in recent years (ultra-Orthodox parties and racist far-right) find themselves on one side..

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What role can Arab parties play? Mansour Abbas was the first Arab-Israeli politician to decide to actively support the government. In these twelve months he was among the most responsible and least agitated. He has already announced that he will continue to cooperate with the future alliance. The other Arab parties will remain in the opposition. What about Bennett? He has announced that he wants to leave, at least for this election. Before entering politics (as an advisor to Netanyahu, then a minister in his government to the point of being her opponent) he had become a millionaire as a high-tech entrepreneur.

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