at Great Britain Accelerate to get vaccinated in his thirties. Shortening the distance to the finish line, herd immunity, becomes essential since the European continent is threatened by the new continent Indian variant. In the meantime, the numbers given in the British vaccination campaign are very respectable: in the past 24 hours, there were 1926 new cases of coronavirus and 4 deaths. Health authorities’ data raises the total number of injuries to 4,450,771 cases, while deaths are within 28 days of the disease being diagnosed. Coronavirus disease19 is 127,679 in total.

Immunizate – More than 20 million Britons have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 with a double dose of the vaccine. This is what we read in the daily bulletin of health authorities. 36,573,354 people received at least one dose of the vaccine, of whom 20,103,658 were fully immunized.

Indian Alternative, UK shivering: Cases doubled. It’s also rushing vaccines for young adults, too

Over 35 – Meanwhile, the UK is opening its doors to vaccination for more than 35 years starting next week. This is confirmed by British Health Minister Matt Hancock, who urged interested age groups to apply to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, while in the country the fear of the spread of the Indian variant of the virus returns after the emergence of some cases. In certain areas, such as Blackburn and Bolton. Sky News reports.

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