Rallye des Cévennes: The start of the race begins in the front yard of the Town Hall in Montpellier

Time to race on Friday, October 29, with a staggered departure at 8 a.m. and 12 p.m., from the town hall’s front yard.

After final checks at the Pierre Mendes France Vocational School in the Odyssey, on Thursday afternoon, the racing cars departing for the 62nd edition of the Critérium des Cévennes were assembled together for the evening in the departure garden on rue Raymond Dugrand. Few people come in out of the rain and admire the cars that will pass through the storm on the winding roads of Cévennes all weekend.

Standard in the rain?

It’s time to race on Friday with a stunning departure at 8am and 12pm, from the town hall’s front yard. Direct a loop of three timed events. For enthusiasts, cars will be visible again on Saturday in Montpellier, to mark the arrival, from 6 pm.

Some fine specimens should be checked such as the BMW M3 by Jean-Francois Morge, the Porsche 911 Almeras, the Clio R3 Max by Jeremy Ceres, and the Porsche GT3 by Jean Alexandre Rissot. There must be a crowd of people this year; The 2020 race has been canceled due to the health crisis. Unless you share a special episode of Cevennes.

Gathering on Friday evening at Ganga Park from 6:30 pm.
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