Technological advances and mobile phones Android They have become more advanced, one of them is the new Pixel 6, the latest smartphone developed by Google that has a “Screen Call” tool, a program that will allow Google Assistant to answer calls from unknown numbers for you, well, you will be able to see who is on the other line And the reason for contact.

Most users at any given time have received calls from an unknown number that they never answer, most likely it is a call for business purposes, the ones that companies usually do to sell you a product or service, but on other occasions, they don’t. It turned out to be so.

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How to get answers from Google Assistant for unknown calls

To clear your doubts, Google has included a “Screen Call” tool in the Pixel 6 phone, the tech broker reports . The mechanism works like this: when you receive an unknown call on these devices, three options will appear: “Decline”, “Filter the call” and “Answer”, and if you choose the second, Google Assistant will answer the call.

When Google Assistant Answer, the person who called you will hear that the user is using the Call Filter service and after that he will ask his name and the reason for the call, what the said person answers will be transcribed by the assistant and you will be able to see it. Finally, if you decide to answer, the wizard will connect you with that person, otherwise you can press the “Mark as Spam” option to end the call.

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helper responses

  • Is it urgent?: “Urgent call”?
  • Mark it as spam: “Please delete this number from your email and contacts list. Thanks.”
  • I’ll call you later: “He can’t come in now, but he’ll call you later. Thanks.”
  • Does not understand: “I did not understand you. Can you repeat what I just said?


  • First, go to the “Phone” app and then go to “Settings”.
  • A new “Help” section will appear, tap on it.
  • Then go to Call Filter.
  • Download the audio package in your language.
  • Finally, access the Voice section to choose whether you want the Google Assistant to respond with a male or female voice.


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