China: Qin Gang will visit France, Germany and Norway – past hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, May 08 – From today to Friday, May 12, Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Gang will take part in a visit to Europe, which will take him to Germany, France and Norway.

Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said in an online statement that Chen will meet with her counterparts Annalina Berbock, Kathryn Colonna and Anken Hoetveldt, respectively.

Minister Chen Gang said he considered it “necessary to stabilize China-US relations” after a series of “wrong words and deeds” that brought relations back to a frozen stage. In Beijing’s surprise meeting with US Ambassador Nicholas Burns, Chen said the US should correct its stance on the Taiwan issue and safeguard the “one China” principle. “A series of misleading words and actions by the United States have undermined the hard-won positive momentum of Sino-US relations,” Chen told Burns in a Beijing diplomat’s report. (handle).

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