Windows 10 gets more secure: Microsoft closes annoying security vulnerabilities

Three months after it became known, Microsoft closed a vulnerability in Windows 10 where it could corrupt a file system with a very simple trick. The problem has been around for years but was not discovered until early 2021. Now update provides the solution.

Windows 10: Microsoft closes a vulnerability

In January 2021 it was announced that Entering is simple In Windows 10 it can actually corrupt the file system. Microsoft now clarifies that the issue has been successfully addressed The security gap is closed It was. After automatically installing the distributed patch, the vulnerability can no longer be exploited. Instead, Windows reports an error message.

The vulnerability appears to have been around for several years, But was discovered and published by developer Jonas Lykkegard in early 2021. According to him, the vulnerability has been in existence since at least April 2018.

To be able to take advantage of the security hole, it was enough to enter a command in Windows 10. That The operating system then considers the file system to be corrupt. After displaying an error message indicating that the drive is corrupted, users have no choice but to restart their computer or laptop. Windows will then run an automatic diagnosis and repair.

According to Lykkegard, NTFS’s Master File Table (MFT) can get corrupted.

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The Windows 10 divide: Microsoft is taking its time

It is still not clear why Microsoft Much time left CapPlug the security hole. Early in February 2021, the group had closed the gap in installing Windows Insiders. Only now is the patch that takes care of it For all Windows 10 users For the desired solution, such as mentioned.

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Unsuspecting Windows 10 users can also be affected if only the aforementioned command is used in the Zip file prepared Hid. Simply decompress the file Resulted in an error message Restart from Windows 10.


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