Argentina crush Italy in Finalissima with a great performance by Lautaro and Messi - El Financiero

Argentina I loved her more and Argentina It was. Leaving the wave of fans that dyed Wembley Albiceleste happy with their team, the new champion 2022 FinalThanks to a few magical minutes of Lautaro Martinezcrowned with a goal and a decisive pass against A Italia sad (0-3).

These are from Lionel Scaloni They deserved the title and an even bigger win against Italy, who are still depressed by not qualifying for the World Cup. Suitable to compensate, to scare the shame of losing another world Cupby team Roberto Manciniwho did not take the engagement at Wembley seriously.

Argentina were more focused, committing themselves to showing their ability to win and competing against European teams. He’s gone over it, in fact. Possession stole and sewed at times, especially in the second half, when the gaps sparked player creativity Lionel MessiThe great protector of white fans.

Made by Messi and a goal by Lautaro

He applauds every time he touches the ball and is grateful to his fans who came to say hello to them before the match, and the first goal came from Messi’s head. The genius of Rosario, with his back to the goal in front, flipped over a slab leaving Di Lorenzo behind, entered the area and enabled Lautaro to no goalkeeper.

Great goal from Di Maria’s video

Lautaro gave a stitch that is the only match solution. This time one of the Inter From Milan Wearing like a binoculars, put a filter ball on it Angel Di Maria When the referee was already looking at the break. The ball passed between the central defender and Di Maria, who is still without a team, but will not be less than “girlfriends” this summer, bypassed Donnarumma.

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The former Paris Saint-Germain player sought to achieve the double and touched it with two attempts that his ex-teammate negated. Donnarumma, crowned European champion in the field, was the one who avoided Italian humiliation. He stopped everything that could stop Messi and Di Maria and his gloves kept Italy not in the game, but in the competition. The score 0-2 kept them away from an Albiceleste title, in honor of them Diego Armando Maradona Before the match and because of the desire given by the fans to him to travel en masse to Wembley.

Dybala entered and closed the win

To crown the defeat Azura appeared Paulo DybalaReplaced by Gio Lo Celso, who played in stoppage time to take advantage of a rebound from Messi in front and absorb it next to the post.

Argentina wanted it more and Argentina got it. Defeat Finalissima and remember his last adventure in Artemio Franchi, the prehistoric of this tournament which saw champion Maradona in 1993 in Mar de Plata.


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