A coherent trailer and some details about the upcoming season of 'Creation'

As part of EA Play Live, officials at Respawn Entertainment have released another trailer for the upcoming season of “Apex Legends” royal shooter and revealed some details. Accordingly, “Creation” will launch on August 3, 2021 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

It will change the Age of Enlightenment dramatically

In the new season, players will get to know the legend Sir. He’s Mounir basically acting behind the scenes. When he shoots at the rear sight, his heart rate sensor is activated, which he can use to locate nearby enemies. He can then send his drones to cover an area where all enemies will be detected once they’re on the field. However, the steps are shown. You can prevent it from being located by sneaking through the area and venturing out carefully.

On top of that, the developers announced that the arenas will also get their own ranking lists with the “origin”. However, the ranking should be a little different for Battle Royale. New maps are also in the works for the arenas. No more information was disclosed.

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Next Monday, July 26, 2021, a new trailer for the game will also be released, giving another impression on Seer. Furthermore, the Edge of the World map will be revised and some changes will be made. But first you can take a fun look at the latest trailer.

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More news about Apex Legends.

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