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Are you disappointed with the design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra based on the leaked renders? Well, this is something that might make you happy. The Galaxy S22 and S22+ offerings have also made their way onto the internet, and they’re much better than their super sibling.

Leaks are provided by 91Mobile, Zouton, and OnLeaks, the latter of which has been known for being a perfectionist in its offerings. They show that unlike the square design of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ will feature a design that’s largely unchanged from their S21 counterparts.

On the Galaxy S21+, Samsung curved the frame to create the illusion that the camera frame was merging with it. This does not seem to be the case on the Galaxy S22+, as in renderings the camera body is clearly different from the chassis. The screen dominates the front of the device surrounded by symmetrical bezels, with a hole in the middle for the selfie camera on top.

The Galaxy S22+ appears in olive green in photos, with the rear vertical camera bump in a darker shade for a contrasting look. Besides green, Samsung will offer the S22 and S22+ in white, black, and rose gold. What’s even more interesting is that Samsung could change the name of its Galaxy S line again, with the S22+ renamed the Galaxy S22 Pro.

The Galaxy S22 doesn’t seem to have any major design changes from the S21, although it does look somewhat more compact due to its seemingly smaller 6.06-inch screen.

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The Galaxy S21 and S21+ were great phones, so Samsung keeping the same design language for its non-Ultra Galaxy S phones in 2022 isn’t a bad thing. In addition, the S22 and S22+ (S22 Pro?) actually look like Galaxy S devices with their rounded edges. It is different from the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which gives you a more attractive look with its square design and S Pen slot.

However, the Galaxy S22 series is not expected to launch until early 2022, so Samsung still has some time if it decides to change certain aspects of hardware design.

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