Walk to the beach, when they find something unique

A 74-year-old woman could never have guessed that a walk on the beach could transform me into something incredible.

Pineapple on the sea – (Image via Pixabay) – Ecoo.it

Palmachimon, in southern Israel, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, is the place where an Israeli woman – in spite of herself – made an incredible discovery. Indeed, he saw the 74-year-old on the beach formed a sandstone, which, as it rolled, revealed an outstanding figure. And so he decided to collect the strange object and clearly address the archaeologists of the Israel Antiquities Authority whose acronym stands for The Israeli state agency that deals with antiquities.

But in recounting the facts, the lady revealed some points and details intended to better explain the dynamics of the facts; Indeed, he specified that the waves were high, the weather was wintry and the sea particularly rough. But as he walked along the sea he did an act An amazing discovery:came towards me.”

Walk on the beach and find a unique item

Finding the lady was completely unexpected, but once the relevant local authorities were notified, archaeologists were also on the spot and what came out of it is incredible; An accessory that probably dates back 3,000 years (if not more) than it belonged toof the Egyptian goddess Hathor.

Pebbles on the beach (Image via Pixabay) – Ecoo.it

For those who don’t know, Hathor or Ator An Egyptian deity belonging to the ancient religion of Egypt. Not only was she considered a female deity, but she provided support to the women themselves; She was conceived as the goddess of joy, love, motherhood and beauty. As Mistress of the West, she also welcomed the spirits of the dead. If you still can’t find a link, we can risk saying that in some ways it refers to the Christian worship of the Madonna.

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An important discovery

The culture of the Egyptians (photo via Instagram) – Ecoo.it

In short, the news instantly spread around the world and left us all amazed. Did the woman in question realize that this stone was approaching her, so could it be a message that needed to be sent? There are many theories we can make, but we just have to understand how the local authorities will act. Are there any other theories out of these stones? It is not known yet, but it will be Very charming.


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